Goku Heart Virus

Goku contracts a heart virus in the 766th year of his life. However, the symptoms of the disease start to appear when Goku fights Android 17 and 18. ┬áIt is unknown when Future Goku began experiencing symptoms Biography Goku contracts this virus after his battle with the Androids. He then goes to Capsule Corporation where … Read more

Sasuke Uchiha – Complete introduction

Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise, Naruto. He is a powerful ninja who has great skill and fighting abilities. Sasuke is known to be the leader of the secret group, Akatsuki, that aims to destroy Konoha Village before making it their own world-headquarters. One of Akatsuki’s members, Itachi Uchiha, … Read more

goku vs vegeta

Goku and vegeta are the two protagonists of the anime series dragon ball z. they are both equally strong, but a lot of people have different opinions on who would win in a fight between them. some people feel that vegeta is more powerful because he has achieved many transformations throughout the series. others argue … Read more

Goku SPirit bomb

Spirit Bomb is a powerful attack invented by King Kai, which Goku uses to defeat his powerful foe, Bills. The attack was designed and perfected by King Kai himself. The attack is an energy sphere that appears from the sky and blows up on the opponent’s face, thus releasing a huge amount of intense power. … Read more

Goku super saiyan blue

This is a fan made movie of the anime series “Gokusou Super Saiyan Blue” and it’s sequel “Super Saiya-jin God”. The story follows Goku after he has been sent to another dimension by Frieza. He must now fight against his old enemies Vegeta, Gohan, Cell, Trunks, Gotenks, Majin Buu, Freeza, King Cold, Cooler, etc… in … Read more

Goku Black rose

Goku Black rose from the ashes of the Dragon Balls and is now the new villain of Dragon Ball Super. goku black rose hoodie Goku Black rose is a hoodie that is made of a cotton blend. It is a black hoodie with a white rose on the front. It is a unisex hoodie. goku … Read more