Goku Black

Goku Black:

The enigmatic anti-Goku villain who chased him, who murdered Future Bulma, eventually shows himself as Future Trunks struggled to find his way out of the bleak World he resides in! Naturally, Dragon Ball Super dub fans are aware that the name of that villain is “Goku Black,” and in reality, there is a rather complicated history.

Goku Black character appears in ‘Future Trunk saga,’ series of Dragon Ball. He is the enemy of Goku in this series of Dragon Ball, and his original name was Zamasu. He was trained by Supreme Kai, and Gowasu. His story starts where he stole the body of the original Goku with the help of Super Dragon Balls. After this, he was given the name of ‘Black Goku’ by Future Bulma.

Goku Black is today’s Zamasu edition of the Unaltered History, where two main incidents in travel from “Cell Saga” (Trunks from History 2 returning to the past and “Full Cell”) in Dragon Ball Z have never existed.

Today Zamasu has killed his master Gowasu in that “Unaltered Timeline” to continue his Zero Mortals Program because he thinks that mortals are dangerous, particularly Saiian ones like Goku, who can acquire the power to contend with the gods. Following the encounter with Goku and the analysis of the Mega Dragon Balls, today, Zamasu has used the balls as a way to exchange bodies with Goku, destroying Goku in his old form. Use the name Goku Black in Timeline 2, Zamasu is sapping the series of events known as “The Future Trunks Saga” in Dragon Ball Super. In this situation, Zamasu is utilizing the time rings of Gowasu to move to Timeline 2.

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His height is above from the average, thin, green skin, and white hairdressing. After he killed Gowasu, he starts wearing the earing of green color and golden chain. When he stole the original body of the Goku, his skin becomes darker and more prominent eyes. His hairs also grow noticeably dark with four spikes in the front and three in the back. After stealing Goku’s body, he starts wearing a dark grey vest, red sash, black undershirt, and white pointed boots. 

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Before stealing the body of Goku, he was a good student, who listen to his teacher very obediently. He was such a calm and patient person. After gaining the shape of the Goku, he becomes sorrowful, bloodthirsty, and hypocritical.

Black Goku Rose:

When Black Goku transform into a Saiyan, he called as Black Goku Rose or Super Saiyan Rose. He became Black Goku Rose because he mixed with the God ki, and he gave him the strength of a Super Saiyan Blue.

Super Saiyan Blue is much more reliable than Super Saiyan Blue because he mixed with God ki, not with the mortal God ki.

The aura color he attains is different from any Super Saiyan aura’s tone; the reason behind this is that it is a different type of being. Also, he took the body of the Goku; that’s why he gets pinkish color aura around his body.

Concept and Creation:

Akira Toriyama gave the idea of making Black Goku Rose. Also, he becomes Saiyan with a different color then Goku.

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