Goku SPirit bomb

Spirit Bomb is a powerful attack invented by King Kai, which Goku uses to defeat his powerful foe, Bills. The attack was designed and perfected by King Kai himself. The attack is an energy sphere that appears from the sky and blows up on the opponent’s face, thus releasing a huge amount of intense power. Even in Super Saiyan 4 form, Goku was able to defeat Bills with this technique alone.

The spirit bomb technique has been used by numerous heroes throughout Superman’s history. This technique was also used by Goku and Vegeta during the battle with Kid Buu. They even combined their own blast into the spirit bomb to create a massive explosion that hit Kid Buu head on, but this failed to kill him. A spirit bomb blast has been shown to be capable of destroying entire planets instantly.


Spirit Bomb


What is Spirit Bomb?

This attack is similar to the Kaio-Ken attack, since it involves overwhelming power created from one person’s body alone. The user of this technique conducts a short ritual before using this power up, which further enhances its strength and efficiency. This technique is said to increase its user’s speed and attacks substantially, while also featuring new abilities like high-speed movement.

It is potentially one of the strongest attacks in the Dragon Ball series, especially when the user is at full power. However, this would make it extremely difficult to use, as it needs to be performed at specific points throughout the fight causing the user to sacrifice their energy and stamina. There is also a high chance that they would be caught in a counterattack.

The Spirit Bomb was originally intended for Goku to destroy Buu with but he had an easier time defeating him with his regular Kamehameha. It was eventually used on Majin Buu after Goku’s death.what is goku Spirit Bomb?

The spirit bomb technique appears in Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle as one of Goku’s Super Attacks called “Spirit Bomb Empowered”.

To utilize the Spirit Bomb, one must have a pure heart so it can manipulate and gather energy. The more energy it absorbs, the bigger it becomes. It achieves its true form once it absorbs enough power and turns into a giant sphere with a blue aura. In Dragon Ball Heroes , the user throws a Spirit Bomb by using his hands to throw it, making the Spirit Bomb move forward automatically instead of having to be controlled.

Goku is seen utilizing this technique in many Dragon Ball games like Dragon Ball: Dokkan Battle , Dragon Ball Fusions , and others. This attack is seen several times in Akira Toriyama’s crossover manga Cross Epoch . It was first used by Goku and Vegeta on Frieza to defeat him, and then later used by Goku on Doctor Boros ( Roronoa Zoro’s enemy) as well.

Super Spirit Bomb

The Super Spirit Bomb is the attack used by Goku, to destroy Kid Buu, when he merged with his other 2 counterparts. It is the strongest attack in the series and can destroy almost anything in its path, but because of the large amount of energy it uses, it quickly drains the user’s stamina and energy.

This is a more powerful version of Spirit Bomb used by Goku against Kid Buu. When Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan 4 form, he will perform an extended version of Spirit Bomb similar to a Kamehameha to drastically increase its power, but it is unable to finish off Kid Buu due to Buu’s healing ability.

large spirit bomb

The large spirit bomb is a Spirit Bomb formed from the energy of the whole universe. It is one of the most powerful techniques used by the Demon King Piccolo during his fight with Goku. Because it was formed from energy from the whole universe, a large spirit bomb by itself would destroy any planet or star in existence.

Three large spirit bombs are needed to defeat Super Saiyan Goku. This technique was nullified, along with the rest of Dabura’s powers when he died after merging with Babidi’s magical ball that allows him to control people’s minds.

The Large Spirit Bomb is a technique that appears throughout Dragon Ball Z and as such has many variants and forms that each represent different power levels.


Usage and Power of Goku Spirit Bomb:

Usage and Power of Goku Spirit Bomb:

This attack is stronger than any of the last attack of a full power Super Saiyan 4 Goku. In this form, Goku has been shown to fight evenly with Kid Buu who has gone back into his smaller original form. When they both fire their attacks at each other they cause an immense explosion that covers the entire planet and then some. It’s a struggle for power between these two rivals in the end Kid Buu finds himself beaten by Goku Super Saiyan 4, as he fires his Spirit Bomb that completely obliterates Buu and sends him plummeting down into Earth’s atmosphere to meet his demise once again.

Movie Appearances:

In Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest, Goku started gathering energy for a Spirit Bomb to defeat Dr. Kochin’s Bio-Warriors, but the villain was defeated by Gohan and Kuririn before Goku could finish gathering it.

In Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, Goku used a Spirit Bomb against Garlic Jr., but later this attack fails when he tries to throw it at the Dead Zone in order to destroy it.Movie Appearances of spirit bomb

In Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, Goku used a Spirit Bomb against Turles but this also failed when Turles blasted a hole through his body and caused him to leak out his energy and die. The spirit bomb falls back down onto Earth and destroys it killing everyone on it except for Gohan, Krillin, Bulma, Master Roshi, and Oolong.

In the Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F” movie, Goku is shown to have learned a new technique that can be used to create a gigantic Spirit Bomb. After learning it, Goku and King Kai decide to use it against Janemba but they blast their attack off into space. They later attempt to destroy Janemba with the Spirit Bomb but it fails due to Janemba’s ability to resist evil.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, after defeating Super Saiyan God Goku is able to catch up with and launch a Kamehameha wave into his God form, which causes him to crash down into the Earth while landing in France.


The following are the types of Spirit bombs:Fusion Spirit Bomb

  • Large Spirit Bomb
  • Spirit Bomb Absorption
  • Instant Spirit Bomb
  • Super Spirit Bomb
  • Ultra Spirit Bomb
  • Revenge Death Ball
  • Universal Spirit Bomb
  • God Bomb

Fusion Spirit Bomb:

The first type is Fusion Spirit Bomb(FSB) this one is very simple its the fuse of two or more than two people ki/energy.
The drawback of this attack like all the others if its made up of a group of people they will share the damage so if someone in the group is weak they might die because they shared part of the damage.
Fusion Spirit Bomb attack power:This attack its made up of two or more than two people so if you have 3 people the base damage is cut in half and it will go down like that if you have 4 or more.
A group of 2 people can do one million damage and a group of 3 can do half a million.

Large Spirit Bomb:

The next type is Large Spirit Bomb(LSB) this spirit bomb its like all the other you need to gather ki/energy in your hands but this one is used to hit from far away it will be very strong but the drawback to this attack its not focused so if your enemy is far away and the bomb miss its going to waste all that energy.

Spirit Bomb Absorption:

The next type is Spirit Bomb Absorption its like fusion but its not only 1 person its 2,3,4 more depending on your power level.
This attack must be done by touching your opponent so that you can absorb their energy but you need to be careful if the victim of the absorption is stronger than you are it will hurt you.

Instant Spirit Bomb:

The next type is Instant Spirit Bomb(ISB) this attack must be first used by drawing an X in the air and then place your hands in front of yourself and put all that ki/energy to make an explosion after that attack.
This attack isn’t very strong but its a fast attack.

Super Spirit Bomb:

The next type is Super Spirit Bomb(SSB) Just like the other ones you need to gather ki/energy from the air only that on this one the user does it by creating a sphere of ki/energy and use his hands to direct it at his enemy.
This attack is very strong but because its slow its not good in close range attacks.

Ultra Spirit Bomb:

The next type is Ultra Spirit Bomb(USB) this attack is similar to the other type only it can be used only by Saitama so its his only attack and its a very strong one.
This is my final hope for him to win.

Revenge Death Ball:

The next type is Revenge Death Ball(RDB) this attack just like the others must be used with the help of Super Saiyan nova’s energy and your hands must create a sphere of energy and speed up with you toward your enemy.
This attack is very strong but because its his first and the power he has now its not good in close range attacks.

Universal Spirit Bomb:

The next type is Universal Spirit Bomb this attack is a combination of Saitama’s Ultra Spirit Bomb with Genos’ High Speed Movement and Lightning Blast.
This attack was used by Genos but the problem that it needed the energy from Saitama to be at full power which only occurred when Saitama was at a near-death state while fighting Superalloy Darkshine, Genos was able to remove this flaw in creating this attack by absorbing enough speed for both himself and Saitama, thus allowing him to use it without dying.

God Spirit bomb

God Bomb:

The next type is God Bomb(GB) this attack has 2 steps to make it work first you need to create a sphere of energy and speed up to your enemy and throw it at him/her.
This attack is very strong because its a combination of Ultra Spirit Bomb,Instant Spirit Bomb and High Speed Movement.



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