Kid Goku

Kid Goku:

Goku was three years old when he came to Earth. He is just a fictional character, and he is the warrior in the series ‘Dragon Ball.’ 

His father’s name was Bardock, and his mother’s name was Gine. Son Goku is the mirror copy of his father. His wife’s name was Chi-Chi, and he has two sons, Son Gohan and Son Goten. The writer of this series is Akira Toriyama.

The first episode of this series started when Son Goku met Bulma, and this story originally published in a Japanese magazine.

Since Frieza defeated Planet Vegeta, he was sent to Earth. His goal was to kill it, but when he was taken over by Grandpa Gohan. He was placed on his back and was lost, not to mistaken with Gohan, the son of Goku. 

Bulma joins him in his journey in finding Dragon Balls, through which he can make any wish. Son Goku is a tailed child in the first chapter of Dragon Ball, who is learning martial arts, and strengthen his powers.

The real name of Son Goku is Kakarot, he was born on Earth, and later, he learned that he belongs to the group of worriers called Saiyans. Due to this, he has so many superhuman powers and strength.

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Abilities of Goku:


Ki is a life force that is contained inside each living thing in the World of the Dragon Ball. Goku can control his Ki for different abilities, such as enhancement of physical skin power, the formation of pressure fields, defiance of gravity to flight, or unleash it as a blast of disruptive force.

Super Dragon Fist:

Much like the usual Dragon Fist but much more energy after the Spirit Bomb is consumed.

Dragon Fist:

The strength of the fist has greatly improved, and the fist explodes into a Shenlong-like gold dragon, regardless of whether Goku crosses the opponent’s stomach or arm.


Kamehameha is created by Master Ross when the operator puts the aside and emits an intense force beam.

When capped hands are drawn on the side of the person, the Kamehameha is shaped, and ki is concentrated in one point (between their cupped hands). The hands then guided to fire broadcasting, intense energy laser.

The explosion may even be done with only one arm or even the foot, generally in exceptional circumstances. In several versions, the attacker uses’ Ka-me-ha-me-HA!!!’ when the assault is loaded and released. In the Budokai Tenkaichi collection, the Master Roshi’s Kamehameha is named the Main Kamehameha.

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Kid Goku

Instant Transmission:

 Goku locks into a vulnerable mind and quickly shifts from one spot to another.

Solar Flare:

 Issues a blinding show to blind everything of the person.

Eye Blast:

Goku fires an invisible Ki explosion from his lips. Although he has never used this technique in blasting from his eyes.

Evil Containment Wave:

How to lock out someone with a specific duty of “evil lock” by squeezing them into a jar. Transfers take so much life power from consumers that, given the technological advances, those who use them will die quickly. If you can use this method without hassle, you may deny its disadvantages.


Goku propels himself to his enemies and hits him with an energy-driven fist by shooting Kamehameha on the ground with one hand.

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